Cooler Master HAF 700 EVO


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Everything I've seen so far indicates a launch price of $500. Still quite a lot for a case. Then again, it is packed with features.
Plenty of USB 3.2 ports is a plus. I also really like the Iris display, I find those quite useful for displaying system stats. Playing videos or stuff on them is kind of useless in my opinion.

I really do like RGB stuff and making a computer look great as well as perform great. Even for me, this case is overkill on the show-off. Six front RGB intake blades, not to mention how many RGB-capable components can fit inside... I'd bet it could light up a room as well as or even better than an overhead light fixture. And that infinity mirror is ridiculous.

Overall a cool case though.


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Apr 8, 2009
As someone still rocking a HAF X, I was fawning over this initially. But cooling still doesn't seem to be on par with the HAF X, probably because it's missing that big 240mm fan on the side blowing directly on the GPU. It definitely looks better and like pure sex really, but I'm more of a function > form guy and although this still has plenty of function, I think the slider is still a tad more on the form side with how its designed.

Honestly, if I could just find a replacement front I/O plate for my HAF X to replace the broken USB ports, preferably with newer gen ports (mine has 2x USB A 3.0 and 2x USB A 2.0) and maybe a type C port, then I would be set to keep it another decade. Unfortunately every time I look online at CM's site or e-Bay, all the front I/O plates are sold out or for the slightly older/different HAF X.