Control Volume - set max and min


Nov 16, 2007
Like many I am currently working at home.

I'm using an Asus Xonar U3 USB to Optical with DTS surround to my speakers.

While listening to Pandora and I suspect other music sources as well, the volume from one piece to the next is pretty random. Sometimes I am on a video meeting and suddenly its too loud or from one song to the next I cant hear it.

I'm really not knowledgeable of sound equipment/software. Is there a way to set a max and min volume to keep the sound level pretty even?

Thank you,

yup that ^^^

I's nice to know that, if I ever have a party, I can just [put together a playlist without having to ReplayGain it first :D

The last time I tpuched ReplayGain the app was doing the playlist for our wedding, but you never know when you might get invaded!