Confused about backups in Windows 11 - (windows 7 backup & file history)


Limp Gawd
Apr 11, 2009
I run into an issue with "file history" which caused me to look into backup settings. The whole system was on autopilot backing up though file history to a network drive.

It looks like I have two options to do backup in Windows 11?
1.) Windows 7 backup
2.) File history.

Is this correct? (I don't want to backup the cloud)

2.) is doing daily backups - forever. So, I imagine I have each file backed up and if it changes all versions forever
1.) can also be scheduled.

a.) what should I use for file/data backup?
b.) what for a system backup. I don't think I need this on a regular basis.
Windows 7 backup has not worked properly for many years. I didn't even know it was still included in Windows 11.

I believe File History's default retention policy is to backup any changed files every hour and to retain them forever. You can verify or adjust this in advanced settings

If that doesn't meet your needs I second the free "community" version of Veeam. Backblaze is also a cheap cloud based option if cost is your concern and it's not a tinfoil hat thing.
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