computer falling asleep randomly


Limp Gawd
May 22, 2005
My laptop often drops into sleep mode randomly. I checked all the power settings and it is not set to turn off anything for multiple hours, yet it sometimes falls asleep randomly.

I've noticed it usually happens when I have multiple astronomy USB cameras and peripherals setup.

The periperals I have attached on USB are:
ASI1600MM-COOL camera
ASI174MM camera
Focuser Boss II Electronic Focusing Control
USB 3.0 slim hub
USB to serial converter
external optical mouse

Usually I'll run my imaging software (Sequence Generator Pro, PHD2), get everything connected up with images coming in and at an unpredictable time (sometimes its within minutes, other times it could be an hour later) my laptop will go into sleep mode. I can see the keyboard backlights blinking to indicate that its asleep.

If I press the keyboard, the laptop will wake up and be back to the login screen. Sometimes before I can enter the password its back to sleep again! I can wake and repeat and sometimes I manage to log back in and continue where I left off.

Other times it goes into sleep mode and nothing I press will wake it. Only a hard shutdown.

I'm not really sure how to diagnose this. My laptop seems fine when I don't have my astronomy setup connected.

About a month ago I had the same periphrasis connected and nothing like this happened so I don't know what I could have done recently that caused the instability.

Win 10 gaming laptop from Asus ROG
7700HQ, 16GB RAM,
128GB SSD (40GB left)
1TB HDD (800GB left)


Oct 9, 2008
one of your USB devices it dying not the laptop un plug them all until you found out which one it is causing the issue. plug 1 device in per day until it fails there you go !


Limp Gawd
May 22, 2005
I think I found the issue!

My Apple Watch has a magnetic buckle which was triggering the laptop to fall into sleep mode (which normally happens when the lid is closed).

I discovered it from this post:

I got a new strap for it recently so that is why it happened in the last couple weeks but not before that.

Sometimes I didn't have this issue because I wasn't wearing my Apple Watch.

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Run some astronomy boinc projects on it. That'll keep her awake lol