collectible gacha - alternative to swgoh


Nov 24, 2019

Been palying star wars galaxy of heroes for some time, and am looking to jump over the ship, cause it's to cost heavy to keep up, not to mention now that they mixed in all the fancy characters from rise of the skywalker movie... - it's crap!

Tell me what do you reccomend?
I found raid shadow legends and battlerise kingdom of champions, but need to play them more to lear what's what.
Have you heard about these? Any suggestions?
I tried switching to a few different games, but honestly, all of them feel the same (pay to play). I played the Topps Star Wars trading card game for a while, because there isn't really a competitive aspect to it, but even that got old. I have played Eternium for a while, off and on, but even it has changed to be more noticeable in the pay aspects (though they still give you a ton of the "premium" gems currency for free for watching ads). I have also started playing Merchant RPG, for a more relaxed change of pace.