Cloudpunk on Steam sale for under $8


Sep 15, 2011
I read good things about this so I picked it up. FYI post in case anyone else is itching for a cyberpunk style game.
I started playing yesterday and didn't really know what to expect but I'm enjoying it so far. I'm only about an hour in but it's a good time for $8.
I just noticed that I never commented on this (not that I'm a pro reviewer or anything). Think Fifth Element hovercab + jank pixel graphics (except the signs, which bugs me). You are a package delivery service, a bit less than legal. The story is both nothing crazy, but strangely well done, and there are nearly Rutger Hauer emotional bits at least a couple of times. Absolutely worth it, and both it and the sequel (City of Ghosts) are very worth if for the less than $10 I paid (per).
Thx it's one of only 2 Steam games I've installed in my fresh Windows 11 install so I will alternate between playing it and Pillar of Eternity Ii. I had way too many games installed before and kept suffering from choice paralysis.