Cliffy B Prefers Quake Controls


Jun 22, 2008
Adding more fuel to the fire of the great Quake vs. Unreal debate nearing two decades, Cliffy B otherwise known professionally as Cliff Blezinski, admitted to the greatness that is Quake's movement system during an interview with Shacknews. The developer is attempting to adapt a similar type of feel for his upcoming game LawBreakers, which is releasing in August of this year.

Now I've been a Quake player since the beginning, but did switched teams for awhile after the Q3A era to UT99 for few a years, leading up to UT2k3. However, I do agree with the sentiment, Quake has always had the great gameplay-feedback-loop for everything that has to do with it. The wizards at id Software back then performed miracles.

For all you Tribes fans, I'm sorry for everything in general.

Check out the video below, beginning at the 23:20 mark.

"Quake's movement always felt better," he said, "so I went in and studied why it felt better." He said it goes back to classic code taken for Team Fortress 2. He said that movement in UT was binary, full speed or stop. In TF2 and Quake, there is an acceleration, and when you stop there is a deceleration, and when gravity is applied you get "a buttery smooth experience."
I loved the movement in both Q3A and early UTs. They both felt and moved great, in their own ways. Quake was definitely better when it came to really quick, smooth, motions but I felt more in control and more capable of careful movements in UT vs the more frantic pace and feel of Quake.
For all you Tribes fans, I'm sorry for everything in general.
I both love and hate you for the Tribes reference.

I played Starseiege: Tribes back when the demo was the only thing out. Loved every moment of it. It was the game that fueled my video card upgrading curse with Voodoo 3 3000 PCI. Going from integrated graphics to a dedicate video card... Mindblowing experience in every way. Then I got DSL... oh baby. I filled my 14 GB harddrive full of pron so quick.

Thank you, Tribes. and your before-esports-was-cool 5150 matches.
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Movement acceleration is critical for that split nano-second reflexive wrist snap your brain can calculate instinctively, thats what made quake "feel right" compared to other shooters. I loved UT too but the games definitely felt different.
I just love me some double wall jumping crazy antics like in UT2k3. Sadly as I age my aim has gone south, not that it was every that great.
I just love me some double wall jumping crazy antics like in UT2k3. Sadly as I age my aim has gone south, not that it was every that great.

It's one of the things I liked about a lot of older FPSs. I use to make trick jump videos for both Quake 2 & UT99. The games were so fast, that using certain weapons, you could get to some very interesting places. I loved playing CTF, and running routes no one would ever bother to check due to most people thinking they're dead ends, and manage to trick jump my way past them while the other team then got stuck, allowing us to gain easy caps.
People thought the controls in quake were good until Goldeneye 007 came out and raised the standard.
Quake fan here, always have been, always will be, it was and is the only "gold standard" in terms of fluid physical movement in my opinion. Quake II was very nice but took just a little bit of adjustment over Quake, then Quake III came along and that one felt very comfortable for me out of the box. Never ever ever liked Unreal Tournament, never will, it's just a lame imitation of what id Software created with Quake and while many people found it enjoyable I wasn't one of them. Now, Unreal - the original game itself that used its characters for Unreal Tournament - was awesome and still the best looking most visually inspiring game I've ever seen, especially when I had that game playing on a Matrox G400 long ago, god that was a visual masterpiece that's still unmatched to this day.

But with the Quake related games, they just felt better, more fluid, more realistic I suppose, and were easier to just get into "game mode" when it was time to get some killing on. ;)
Makes better game than Quake, likes other games controls better.

Cliffy B, go away.
Controls and movement skills you say? To this day no game has ever come close to the sheer variety and skill required to master TFC. Air acceleration in the quake engine was a marvelous thing