Clearout sale! Mavic Pro package, Fuji XE-2 kit, NAS, RAM, 770GTX, and more


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Nov 3, 2004
Have a bunch of stuff that needs to go... been procrastinating but I'm running out of room so it's time for a thread. More pics coming soon (whenever I get around to it), everything works well and was lightly used.

Paypal only, USA buyers only please, I have Heat dating back to 2002 so no worries there.

DJI Mavic Pro (original version, not the new Mavic Pro 2). Excellent condition, roughly one year old with barely any hours on it. Includes a nice GPC hard storage case with custom cutouts, original remote, chargers, a single battery, extra propellers (regular set with one spare, plus a set of the "quiet" ones with minor damage to the tips which doesn't impact performance), also have a landing pad and a really nice Mavmount aluminum tablet mount with strap, and a Polarpro lens filter too.!AhCwI8nI6XiGv06RzknpgjdOOqDn!AhCwI8nI6XiGv00gkRG_q1F7aznh!AhCwI8nI6XiGv0znud3GfhY9VTSd!AhCwI8nI6XiGv0pioHPmm2OW0Zxi!AhCwI8nI6XiGv0l_0szWbx5dBNN4!AhCwI8nI6XiGv0sSCXVXomI0VEQf

Asking $750 obo due to the excellent condition and low usage, plus the number of high quality accessories involved. This will cost some money to ship, we can discuss options.

Fuji XE-2 camera with accessories. Includes a nice compact Lowepro Event 100 case that fits camera with a couple lenses, a mint Fuji XC 16-50mm OIS lens, nice metal grip, unused Fuji neck strap, stock battery and charger plus a Wasabi charger and 2 additional Wasabi batteries. Used sparingly and rarely taken out of the house, it has had a glass screen protector on the LCD since day 1.

Asking $475 obo, again due to condition and quality of accessories.

MSI GTX 770 2GB Technical name is N770 TF 2GD5/OC, has the nice Twin Frozr HSF as seen here. It has never been overclocked or mined on or any other abuse. Lived in a well cooled custom PC and was barely used for much beyond web browsing and old school Unreal Tournament.

Asking $90 obo.

Intel i5 6400T CPU, bare chip only, never overclocked or abused.

Asking $90 obo

Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x4GB DDR4 3000MHZ RAM black in color, again never abused, just run in a stock system doing relatively light tasks

Asking $50 obo

Asustor AS-602T 2 bay NAS, with a single WD Red 4TB drive on board just to get you started. NAS is older but fairly potent/full featured for its age - Atom D2700 2.13GHZ quad core cpu, upgraded to 3GB RAM, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, multiple USB3 ports plus an HDMI output. Still pretty competitive with modern entry-level Synology and QNAP units. The drive is about 4 years old by now, used for casual file serving and has plenty of good life left on it. SOLD

Nvidia Shield TV Pro
, this is the first gen unit which imho is the one to have. Larger size than the base model shield but it also adds 500GB internal storage plus integrated IR receiver and a micro SD slot, everything else (processor, RAM, etc) is identical to the 2nd gen models. Includes 2 of the game controllers (1st gen versions) plus the little media remote, all of which feature integrated headphone jacks.

$250 for the whole bundle

That's it for now but this list will probably grow as I sort through more stuff.
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