Class D Stereo Amp Questions/Recommendations


Dec 29, 2006
Last weekend my LG "home theater in a box" receiver died. The main board gave out and didn't like it enough to buy a new one to fix it. Currently running the TV speakers and they are okay for now but I need more sound. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money for a super setup just something that is nice and clear with some Bass. Went and checked out the local Best Buy and i'm not really impressed with any of the soundbars in my price range ($300)ish.

We have a Uverse box, Chromcast and PS3 hooked up to the TV. My thought is I can just leave everything hooked up to the TV and run an optical cable over to a small class D amp with sub inputs. Or pair the TV via Bluetooth. Does anyone have recommendations or input on one of these?

Im looking at the SMSL AD18 model on Amazon now. Paired with a set of Polk T15's and a 10'' powered sub.
To be clear, you need a DAC and an amp- which that SMSL is both. It's basically a small receiver.

With respect to Bluetooth, you don't want to use it for anything that you don't have to. Potential for more lag (so syncing issues) and lower quality are not desirable.
I had that AD18 driving my TV audio system. It's a nice, compact dac/amp for a 2.1 setup. Unfortunately, the volume dial on mine went bad after about a year. I bought an Asurion insurance package with the AD18, so it was covered. Cost only about $9 bucks and they issued an Amazon credit for the full purchase price which I use toward a different dac/amp.