Cisco SG350-28P or alternatives?


Jun 17, 2006
Right now I have a Cisco SG350-28 (not-P) and a HP/Aruba 2530 (PoE+) switch at the core of my home network. Outside of that I have a HP1810, MT RB260, and a basic Netgear.

I really like the SG350, I know it's not a Catalyst but it's been reliable and does everything I need it to do. The 2530 is reliable, but doesn't blow my socks off--I kind of prefer the 1810's interface. Some things work drastically better on the Cisco than the HP.

I'm looking to free up a slot on my rack, a little StarTech 6U network rack, so I'd like to combine to a single switch--but it needs to fit in the rack. Going to a SG350-28P seems like a logical choice, but they are kind of expensive and seem hard to find used right now (and only SFP ports). What other switches should I be looking at? Would buying a new one of these in this age be really dumb?

Are some of the older ones, like the SG500, worth looking at? I think some or all the SG500's have SFP+ ports where the SG350 is stuck with SFP. Not an issue now but would be nice for the future.
Well, I took a chance on an eBay "for parts" SG350-28P. It was a smooshed box unit, and there is an ever so slight ding on the front of it (you really have to look for it), but I've been letting it idle for a week, did the latest software update, etc, and it seems to work just fine. It is quite a bit louder than my non-P, but no fans is infinitely quieter than fans, so there's that. I might consider a fan swap, but I'll wait until it's in the closet hidden away to see if it even bothers me.

The only downside is, I'm pretty sure this is one of those gray market vendors and it's a gray market unit. It's not marked "EU" or anything, but I am pretty sure it is one. I've always tried to avoid gray market anything with a few exceptions, but this was $125 shipped, and for a home user without support contracts and deals, I guess I won't worry about it too much as long as it works.

Now I just have to reconfigure everything and get it changed over, which is always something I drag my feet about. I had the best intentions of tracking what port is which (and most of them are), and keeping the physical ports all organized, which goes out the window after a month and everything is plugged into everything.
I have an SG300-28PP for home. I like the PoE+ option for bigger cameras. I'm not sure what the difference is between the SG300 and SG350, but like you, it does everything I need.