Chromecast (1st gen) + cheapest way to 5.1


Mar 17, 2010
hello [H]

after finally upgrading to a router that can actually stream plex+chromecast (old model), I am getting sick of 5.1 DTS/AC3 playing sound effects loud and voice tracks low. yes i know i can convert it all to aac what not but time is not my friend.

so i have a tv with three hdmi inputs.. i have a 2.1 speaker connected to my tv via 3.5mm. i have a bluray player and a ps3 and amazon firestick (only need but 2 minimum inputs, more is better but 2 is good) so I would like your advice...

whats the cheapest way to get 5.1? i know it probably involves a receiver but i dont know if its worth spending hundreds... im thinking all i /need/ is about 2 hdmi in, aux in and thats it. i do have this amp at my disposal: Lepy LP-2024A+ Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Stereo Power Amplifier Car Amplifier with Power Supply, 3A Power: Electronics

tl;dr: need advice on how to 5.1 chromecast+plex for cheap.
Entry level AVRs w/ 3-4 HDMI ins can be had for as little as $150-200. But you have to buy speakers for that too. Start with three- Left Center Right for starters, they should acoustically match. (if not identical speakers- at least identical drivers.)

Save the surrounds and subwoofer for later. Wiring for rear speakers and positioning needs to be thought out.

There are cheap HTiB (home theatre in a box) systems too, but I'd only trust full components to perform the HDMI switching.
i have the 2.1s and i also have two speakers that are speaker wire; maybe i can put that to use too (even if it means speaker-wire to rca)

where would i find such an entry level AVR?

also, i dont necessarily need hdmi switching. i dont mind physically swapping the input since i am looking for entry level.

is there something that will automatically convert 5.1 to three? just want video voice track to be equal to the sound effects.
You'll want HDMI switching, it makes it easier since the newer surround formats (Dolby Digital Plus) only pass through HDMI.

As where to find a cheap AVR, I bought a couple through Woot. Newegg has a few too. The stereo companies change their models out every 12-18 months.
just be aware using plex and chromecast will cause movies to transcode 5.1 i know it will not support dts just not sure about dd 5.1