China Hates Apple

Sure you can't toss a few more ignorant stereotypes in there? You haven't got a clue if you think Chinese products are only at Walmart....

What stereotypes? I been in WV for 15 years, was my home state, I own a house there, I know what I'm talking about, family in similar states as well.

Walmart is the cornerstone of shopping in most places like that, they swoop in and small shops close down, a few manage to cluster around in a symbiotic relationship, rinse and repeat.

If lucky you can have a Sears or Aldi on the side. A K-mart or Shop n Save in the past, most of those closed down.

But I agree that Chinese products are in everything these days, but again, more shopping options on the coasts aside, higher wage to expense ratios (aka buying power) means ability to absorb, say, a dollar on everything in your budget more easily.

So yes this will certainly hurt everyone but middle American budgets more than others.
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the US only accounts for 14% of China's total world wide trade both import/export, according to 2015 numbers. While still a lot, it wouldnt END them. they have diversified very well over the past decades.

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Yeah but that is not the whole story. China is running significant budget deficits and has a major housing bubble going on and an over-extended banking system. A lot of non-American trade actually is American trade. Steel and Aluminum, for example, maybe sold to other countries but actually end up in America. Restricting access to American markets is far more likely to destabilize China than vice versa.
The one thing that the USA is the best at in the entire world is WAR, china would have to go full retard to go to war with the USA. We spend more in defense then all other countries combined on planet earth. So we go back to making quality products here in the US that last vs cheap junk from china. I am willing to pay more!!!!!!!

No you aren't. I guarantee you shop for the lowest price when you go out to buy a video card or something.
No you aren't. I guarantee you shop for the lowest price when you go out to buy a video card or something.

Ok I give up dude, you totally nailed meh. Yes I look for the best price as everyone does BUT like I said I am willing to pay more if it is made in the USA. My statement still stands.