Checking in with my Ender3 pro


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Jan 4, 2016
I picked up a: SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 PRO 3D Printer from woot over black Friday. Figured the entry price point was low enough for me to tinker with, and not something I would be angry at if I left on the curb. ($155)

Assembled it over Christmas, and have been dickering with it ever since.

Upgrades to it:
- Creality 3d upgrade kit of new springs, better tube couplers, metal extruder, and capricorn tubing. ($20)
- BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V1.2 (new main board) ($35)

All the upgrades have gone in.. the mainboard has better firmware support and silent steppers so a plus.

The springs were super to keeping the manual bed leveling less of an issue, couplers to keep the tube in, metal extruder because the plastic one will wear out with filament rubbing on it, and tubing for heat/retraction issues.

I also picked up some digital calipers and ferrules crimper but the latter was overkill as the pro's power supply and mainboard were pretty rock solid.

I use Cura for my slicer. Never thought how much time it sucks to print. .that may be the death of my love for this project.

My boss picked up a Sovol3d on his friend's recommendations. It has a lot of nice upgrades for an Ender3 over mine, and wouldn't be a bad entry model.

After a lot of futzing, swearing, and drinks I think I have this thing tuned in for PLA. The cube and level verifier helped quite a bit.

Oh geeze, and yes.. CALIBRATE THOSE ESTEPS! That seemed to be the last blocker to get this really humming.

Things I've printed:

The makerbot fidget gear was especially a great moment. After failure and failure and more failure I finally have things tuned enough withing tolerance to print functional gears - in their housing! Super neat.

I am off to inspect 'OpenCad' to see what I can come up with on my own.
Yeah my tail for my 1/8 scale Little Boy took 36 hrs.


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May 3, 2005
Viper16 - that's a rough one to puzzle out. Is it layer shifting always to one specific direction? Like always back or always forward?

Any wonky acceleration issues?

Is the gantry arms for-realsies square and not loose? That the spacing between the vertical arms are the same when the gantry is at the bottom as compared to when it's at the top? The arms are not twisted by a wee amount or having any play?

Depending on the printer age it very well may be just a y motor swap.

Acceleration issues I haven't noticed. I will try to reduce speed to 90% and see if I get same results. the failure always appears to be offsetting the same direction (towards the back the printer) . I will check for square. The printer has been in service from 4/19.

What modi said, also I would also check wiring. You might have a connection that is weakening and it is causing a couple skips on your motor.

And sometimes the nozzle can impact a high spot in the model where there was a z-hop and retraction, it can leave a peak. This can make the motor skip if the bed adhesion is good.

I will definitely check the wiring. I will check my failed prints for any anomaly. The bed adhesion is outstanding, I am using the flex plate, and I have to work hard to separate my prints.