changing window opener location


Fully [H]
Jul 12, 2007
I know I have to be doing something dumb here.

I am trying to change the location of a window that opened another window when the other window is closed.

So parent window loads some APIs for the child window to use. When I close the child window it kicks off an function in one of those APIs. I want that function to move the location of the window that opened it some where else.

I've tried:
window.opener.document.location.href, window.opener.location.href and other random combos...none of them work.
What are you doing this in? VB.NET? Powershell? HTML?
Instead of the child moving the parent window on its closing event, you could have the parent window move itself when it detects the closing of a child window. I found a rough concept on SO here, but perhaps this could be improved with some jQuery eventing.