Changing motherboard to B360M PRO-VDH


Feb 17, 2018
My motherboard is coming and since it doesn't have wi-fi on it I'm gonna download everything such as BIOS and drivers before it comes, but what drivers do I really need?
There are these drivers on MSI's website:
-On-Board VGA Drivers:
Intel VGA Driver (?)
-LAN Drivers:
Realtek PCI-E Ethernet Drivers *
-Others Drivers:
Intel Management Engine Driver (?)
Intel Software Guard Extensions (?)
-On-Board Audio Drivers:
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver *
-System & Chipset Drivers:
Intel Chipset Driver (?)
-On-Board PIDE/SATA Drivers:
Intel Optane Memory (I don't have Intel Optane Memory)
What drivers do I need to install? I marked with a "*" the drivers I'll be installing and with an "(?)" the ones I don't know.
You're going to get the most features and compatibility with the latest manufacturer drivers. They are bloated compared to a straight whql generic windows drivers assuming that is your OS. I usually install windows and see what needs to go in that is not found and go from there.

-> chipset - yes
-> VGA - if you do not have a discrete GPU - yes, but windows can usually install a generic vga just to install.
-> LAN - yes, better performance typically
-> Intel Management Eng. - yes, latest supported
-> Audio -> see what windows picks up, if u need fancy sound features - yes
-> SATA -> even though you may not have Optane, the manufacturer SATA typically has better performance. - yes
-> Intel Software Guard Extensions? SGX is for developers, i assume you are not so - NO

Short Story - install all but SGX, download everything and archive off to a NON-OS drive
Advanced Method - pick and choose what you need between generic windows and the manufacturer drivers. You will know what you need, update and put on the best. Comes with experience.
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what he said ^ although I think the sata drivers are in the chipset pack if you dont need RST