Changing fan RPM thresholds for ESXi 6.5?


Feb 25, 2011
So I have a new vsphere server. It's in a full-ATX case, with 4 case fans (front, back, top and door). All but the front fan are large (140mm) and run relatively slowly (700 RPM - this is by design - the supermicro IPMI thinks this is fine - these all show up as green status). Unfortunately, 700 RPM seems to be 'too low' for ESXi, as the health information shows those 3 fans as low non-critical.) I've been looking like crazy online, but I can't seem to find anywhere that you can adjust these thresholds. Any tips appreciated :)
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Solved. Apparently the IPMI sensors page is lying. It shows green/normal for the 3 700 RPM fans, but after using ipmitool to lower the low thresholds, voila, all 3 are green in the ESXi health view.
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