Change Refresh Rate in Linux(Suse 9.10)?


Nov 2, 2001
Hi guys.

How do i go about changing the refresh rate setting for my monitor to 120? I'm aware of the fact that there is a config file, but i don't know the settings(seems like it wants the horizontal and vertical numbers seperate). Anyone know of an easy way to set it or the correct lines for the config file? I'm running at 1600x1200. I am a very small step above a Linux noob, I like to think.

And while I'm here, i spent hours configuring my KDE enviroment to look and feel good. However i have no such success with any internet browser i use. I don't like Konqueror, but even so all the fonts, buttons and fields are to large on web pages. I do prefer Firefox, which is my Windows browser as well. However, the default Firefox package as really ugly and jaggy fonts, though for the most part all the formatting is ok. I download the GTK2 + XFT package and the fonts looks good but everythings out of wack. The buttons and fonts suffer the same fate as Konqueror and even the toolbar is all out of proportion.

I slogged my way through manually installing all of KDE and configuring a VSFTPD server without seeking help, but these 2 minor things drive me batty :).
THere should be a tool called SAX that you run for configuring the monitors size and refresh rate. Get the specs from the manufacturers website for Horizontal and vertical refresh . Don't rely on the monitors preprogrammed settings cause there not always right.

Let us know if it doesn't work
Thanks, I'll give it a try.

I'm running a NEC FP2141SB, by the way.