[CFS]Project Tachikoma


Aug 27, 2004
Hello again guys !

This is just a preliminary project log, and will include feasability studies, plans, concepts, and a lot of pics hopefully.

Being an hardcore Anime & Manga fan, I've decided to take a step further in casemodding and do a CFS : Case From Scratch.

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last 5 years, Tachikoma ( Tachikomas actually ) is a sentient AI tank that was created in Ghost in the Shell Manga & TV series ( "Ghost in the Shell TV - Stand Alone Complex" and "Ghost in the Shell TV - 2nd GIG", the current 2 seasons of the TV show ).

there's roughly 3 version of the said tank :

Fuchikoma - original manga's design, somewhat bulky and being only portrayed in the manga, quotes aren't really consistent & lacks views to make a decent mesh/model

Tachikoma A : original TV show design - "Stand Alone Complex" ( which will be refered as SAC later ) - see pic below. This design allows both wheeled action and quadripod action, but due to the leg design, it had a weakness regarding stability ( I like my case to stay where I leave it :)

Tachikoma B : 2d GIG redesign of the later - After some events in the 1st season, the Tachikomas have been slightly redesigned to fix the said issues ( among other reasons :D ) I'll be using this design for my case, since it's the best looking, and hell, I just like it !!

anyway, I'll work on design until I'm finished with my BleedingEdge casmod, then get started with acquisition of materials.

I have currently no idea of the exact hardware I might put in it, but I'm fairly sure I'll use A64 + Nforce4 setup, and watercool it.

Sizes aren't definitive, but I'm thinking about making the model 60cms high ( the bigger, the better :D )

more to come soon :D

Did I mention this project would imply heavy metal work, soldering ( MIG/ARC/BlowTorch ), bodywork & painting ?

Tachikoma A


all pics posted are the exclusive property of their respective owners, and I apologize for me hijacking them and using them for my own benefit. :)

Tachikoma B
feet redesign :
Damn you! I wanted to start a Tachi mod soon. :D
I was going to go with the Tachikoma A and use a Shuttle XPC board for it with alot of fiberglass, just a suggestion. ;)
Muhahaha !!

I'll prolly go the metalurgist way, I hope to get an artuculated chassis by December :D

I already have experience with soldering, plating, just need to get some tooling and hijack some friends' tools & machines

I'm still aiming at keeping standard hardware inside, so I can upgrade it later if need be. I'll prolly go for ATX.

Needless to say, if you start your mod, I'll follow it like a ravenous beast to compare with mine ( and maybe share some ideas if you don't mind ;) )

1st idea that popped on my mind this night : integrate the power-on & reset buttons in the 65mm cannon ( I guess that's the caliber of the locked cannon, the one on the middle )

edit : nothe that the 3D pic model is inaccurate, as the wheels are installed inwards, not outwards, and this wersion makes it unstable ( think of what happens when a tachi falls 200m and lands, what would happen ?

also, I think there are 2 issues for main weapon, 65mm cannon, and a gattling 20mm gun
Just had a crazy idea : make it lifesize ... 1.9m of madness :D

j/k, I'll prolly go for 1:3 scale ... or maybe 1:2 ... depends on how much metal I can scavenge :)

actually, it's more like 2.75m lifesize

I'm going for 1:3 scale then, unless someone offers me a hangar to store it :)