Can't get windows xp to load on new HD

Jan 4, 2004
I recently got a 74gig raptor and decided to make it my boot drive. I connected the drive to the SATA 3 port, and it was recognized in bios. So I put in the windows CD, loaded the raid drivers, and formatted the drive. Windows copied all the install files over and restarted. So here is the main problem. First try it said missing hal.dll when it started to load the OS setup files off the drive.

So I formatted again, same thing. Disconnected the IDE drive I had, formatted the raptor again and this time it says error loading OS. Now I moved it to the 4th SATA port, formatted again and still got the same msg. I reconnect the IDE drive and I get the missing hal.dll error. Windows installs and loads fine off the IDE drive, but it just does not want to work off the SATA. Now once I installed the OS again on the IDE, the files were accessible off the drive, and the files were also accessible when using the recovery console.

My system:
Athlon 64 3500+
Neo 2 Plat
1gig corsair
120gig WD drive
74gig WD raptor

Thanks in advance.

--Seph :D
Thats what I thought at first, but then I installed Windows XP on the 120GB IDE drive and the raptor showed up in My Computer. I could copy files, to it and use programs off of it. Also when it was installing XP to the raptor, I could see the files from DOS after it was finsihed. It just doesn't seem to want to boot Windows for some reason, even though I installed the drivers when XP asked at the beginning.

--Seph :D
I think MaMMa meant the Raptor disk.

Have you checked jumper settings etc.? Why aren't you using the SATA 1 port? If changing it to the 1st SATA port doesn't fix it, it is possible that the disk has a fault booting system files, but check those first.
Nope, I meant the winxp disk itself, Thanks though ;)

I'd also try SATA1, I've also heard they work better or sometimes only in other slots other then 1 as well. My brothers could only run on SATA3 :confused: