Can't get the fonts right on Wordpad (from Windows)

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Jul 1, 2004
Load up a Chinese novel w/ a mix of fonts, some paragraph the WordPad shows Times New Roman, some other paragraph it shows PMingLiU. I am trying to do a Select All, and set the whole novel fonts to PMingLiU, in which I double check at the control panel, this font does sits in my font files.

but when I go to the pull down menu under WordPAD, eventhough it did display certain paragraph with that font, at the pull down menu, it does not show that font. Is there anything I can do? Alternatively, is there another free editor that can read RTF file in Chinese fonts?

P.S. I CAN do the above w/ MS word, however, strangely, if I set the fonts to PMingLiU w/ MS Word, a 1.2MB file mysteriously gain to 3.8MB. And normally I don't care much about a 3X increase in file size, however, I read these file w/ my tablet, and at eMMC speed, it takes forever to load up
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