Can't find the answer, can anyone tell me if the new Surface Laptop 4 will work with a 1st gen Surface Dock?


Jul 23, 2008
Have a Surface Laptop 2 for work, and am able to upgrade to the new Laptop 4. Just need to know if my current dock will work with it or if I need to upgrade that as well. Really don't want to if I don't have to.
doesnt look like it...

BUT if its USB-C it might just work fine, try it.
Yeah I read that too, but was hoping since the Surface Laptop 4 was *just* released, I figured they haven't updated it yet either way.

I haven't been in the office for a while, so I don't have the dock in front of my to look. I thought it had the Surface port on it, but could be wrong. I'll end up trying it anyway, but for budgeting it, I kind of need to know beforehand so I can bump specs on the laptop down to fit the dock into the work budget. Was hoping to get better specs on the laptop if I could, but I might not be able to if I can't get a sure yes/no on the dock first.