Can you identify this Lenovo server?


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Jul 9, 2002
Work is looking for these servers to replace some failed ones , we have 6, 4 never came back after a power outage, but do get leds on the MB to light up when power is plugged in, button doesnt do anything though.
They are old, from 2013
Lenovo serves, but the board looks to be a Tyan S7056

Vendor wants an insane amount
1/31 update : Director of that dept did a CAPEX requestfor $90k and purchased 3 'new' machines from the vendor :confused::confused::confused::confused:


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Compsource seems to have availability on the series, I'd try calling them and see what they can get:

I'd also pull one and get the exact model number and then search ebay, internet, and reddit. I'd post a wtb in reddit homelabsales and the servethehome forum as I believe I've seen some of the IBM power series server for sale there before. (y)