Can my PSU be the problem here?


May 5, 2001
I've got a HTPC setup that simply will not wake from S3 sleep. S1 works fine and S3 will fully power down to a sleeping state, but it hangs when it wakes up - everything powers up but nothing happens. Here are the current specs:

Coolermaster ATC-620 Case with Antec SL350 PSU
2800+ Newcastle CG w/retail fan and heatsink
Aopen MK89-L motherboard
2x256mb PC3200 (one infineon, one corsair plat)
BBA 9600 non pro fanless
Hauppauge PVR-500 dual TV tuner
Chaintech AV-710 sound card
Maxtor 160gb/7.2k hard drive
Tosbhia SD-R5112 4x dvd+r/w drive
(no monitor, keyboard and mouse sometimes attached, couple usb devices, etc)

I've replaced the motherboard, processor, ram, and tv tuners. I've also tried without any cards at all (except video card) and i've tried a variety of software configurations and installs. Could the power supply be at fault here? I don't have another one to test, or I would have done so already.


Dick with a heart of gold
Oct 22, 2003
Well I'll say that I could never get my old Antec POS to do S3 and yeah I think it's your PSU if you've changed that many parts with the constant being the power supply.