Can I play VR with another over LAN (home)?


Aug 28, 2008
Hey all. I have two VR headsets, both WMR if that matters for my question. (Samsung Odessey+ and HP reverb G2) Multiple PC's of course.
Thinking it would be fun to have a friend join me at my place for some joint gaming. Ya I figure sharing the same space would be problematic so I am not thinking that, so no mutual room scale, but using all the other options.
So before I ramble too far is this possible? Do I need to buy 2X copies of games? Sny games that encourage this? Is there games or situations you folks can recommend?
To be clear this is about introducing folks to VR and sharing the same experience at the same time and not about hooking up with VR experienced friends at their own location as is usually done.
You will have to buy two versions of any game you want to play. Sharing the same play space isn't a problem from a technical point of view as each headset will be paired to a specific computer. However, sharing a play space probably isn't recommended if you playing any games where you will be moving around a lot.

I don't know of any LAN games. There are online games that you can setup private rooms that you can invite friends to. Examples- Demeo, Pavlov, Breachers, There are others. However, if your friend is new to VR the ones I would recommend are Eleven Table Tennis, Rec Room and the greatest VR party game of them all, Walkabout Mini Golf.
DCS supports VR multiplayer, but I think you have to have two copies of the game (which is "free to play," but with very expensive paid DLC for most of the planes and maps and so forth). Some of the aircraft have a multi-crew mode, where one person is the pilot, and other is the RIO/WSO/instructor. This allows, for instance, a multiplayer scenario where one person is Maverick and the other is Goose. I think some of the trainer aircraft have two sets of flight controls, so you can trade off with the other person. Having the new person ride in the back of the plane might be fun, but at least the F-14 requires them to operate the radar in order to be combat-effective. You can also do the obvious two pilots, two aircraft thing, which is pretty fun.

Elite Dangerous has a similar thing, where some of the ships can have multiple human crew members, with one person at the helm, and another manning any turret-mounted weapons. I think there's a third spot too, but I can't remember what it does. It's meant for use over the internet, but frankly, I think it would work a lot better if you were all actually in the same room, so you don't have to rig up voice chat some other way. Like DCS, though, you'd probably want a HOTAS setup for each player, since that's how the game is meant to be interacted with.

There's also apps like Big Screen, which simulates watching movies on a virtual movie screen. The obvious use case there is that everyone is at home, but in virtual theater together. It wouldn't really make sense to use it in the same space, but you could.

Edit: Flight Simulator 2020 has multi-crew, too, apparently. You could get away with a gamepad in that, if you don't have a HOTAS, I think.

Taking a friend on a virtual FAM flight over their home town or famous places would be pretty neat. I've only dabbled in it briefly, but at least my hometown (Austin, Texas) is recognizable.
Arizona sunshine supports local servers (p2p), I think there are plenty of others too
Oh that is cool. Thanks. That is one of the main games (surprisingly I own) that i knew I would have so much fun with a friend.
I will look into P2P VR for sure. Any shortcuts/sites or tricks you are willing to give?
Thanks in advance. Glad this exists!
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Write down the IP address or DNS name of the other system first, use discord for audio. The rest is, as they say, simple.