Can 5700g only support 64GB of memory


Jan 10, 2009

I'd like to know if the 5700G can only support 64GB of RAM as this is what I have seen on some comparison websites.
I cannot find the info on AMD website.

I'm a little confused as I've read my current CPU 3400g also only supports 64GB of RAM but my system has 96GB and all is running smoothly.

I'm in the process of choose a new CPU for my unraid server and needs something low power ideally.

Please can someone confirm.

technically the memory controller can support 1tb of ram. But AMD does not qualify RAM, the mainboard manufacturer does. probably the 'MAX RAM' you are seeing was tested by a mainboard manufacturer with a G series CPU.

it is likely that as much ram as you can plug in will work, as long as it adheres to the rank, channel, and speed supported by BIOS/UEFI.
Yeah, I put 16 in a laptop whose max spec was 8 despite having two slots. It wasn't fast ram, but it did work.

What you can get away with will likely be highly dependant on the quality of the memory controller and the power delivery on the board (to both the RAM and CPU/APU/memory controller).
If you are going to be running 4 dual-rank modules, that's basically the most difficult possible memory setup for the memory controller. It would be easier on the memory controller either having two dual-rank modules, or 4 single-rank modules. There would be no performance penalty from using the single-rank modules, if you have 4 of them. Using 4 dual-rank modules should work in most cases, but there is a chance that you might not be able to hit your XMP speeds. It really depends on how picky the memory controller on your CPU is.
Slightly related, but my HTPC runs a J5005 (Atom) and Intel states 8GB max, yet it's running (and uses up to) 32GB at 2,400 MT/s.

You should be fine with 128GB on most boards that offer support for the same amount for the other 5000 series.