Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Announced


May 13, 2013
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was revealed today in a teaser trailer on the Call of Duty YouTube channel. The teaser shows what you would expect, and informs us that there will be a "community reveal event" on May 17th, and the Global Launch of October 12th. Also shown is the games slogan of "Forget what you know." Based on the trailer there is a nuclear threat, zombies, cinematic events, and plenty of shooting. So I would say "what you know" is a pretty safe bet on what Black Ops 4 will be.
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OMG so excited for the 17th iteration of the same game with a different skin.

Only games to have this kinda track record are FIFA and Madden
Prepare for an announcement in 2 months about announcing a game that'll be released in 7 months.
The single players are worth a play through. People just hate on what is popular. I don't care about multiplayer so that has no effect to me.

I also enjoy the single player on games like this more than the MP. This is why I wait for the second Christmas sale and put it in my to do list.
WW2 SP was WAY too fucking short. by the time i was like "this is kinda cool " it was over..
Yeah... I totally can't wait to pay $60+ dollars for a game that's powered by an engine that's 13+ years old and then have tons of fun with servers that are barely populated and/or filled with hackers.
Ghost and WW2 i didnt care for but overall I get some entertainment from the series I know it isn't an artful masterpiece, but I can get 40 bucks worth of fun out of it when it goes on sale. Can't blame them for making a product that sells.
Generally like the campaigns, but the latest games in the black ops series were closer to on-rails shooters than actual fps. can double jump, run on walls, slide, jump dive, crouch, lay flat, kill zombies etc.

what's new now?