C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are Getting Remasters

"Talent" can mean anyone even the janitor from the old westwood offices.
Hey don’t talk Ill of the janitor. Roger Wilco was only a janitor and he saved the universe multiple times.
Hey don’t talk Ill of the janitor. Roger Wilco was only a janitor and he saved the universe multiple times.
Nothing wrong with the janitor, but having people at your company who worked at westwood when they made C&C is no guarantee of anything.
Wonder if they'll remaster cnc /funpark while they're at it...
I really hope they don't EA this up. C&C is a staple of PC gaming. I can't wait to play them at high resolutions again.
I popped my RTS cherry with Red Alert. A guy I worked with at the time was hardcore into it and played it on his work desktop. I caught him playing one day and I asked "Is it fun" because honestly the game didn't look like it (I wasn't into RTS at all). He said, "Sit down" and fired off the first mission for me to play.

The first hit of crack is free.

I drove to Best Buy at lunchtime and bought it. We had so many all-night-til-the-sun-comes-up LAN sessions over the next year playing Red Alert. So much fun and I miss that era of my life.
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wait a sec, why would they announce this when development hasn't even started yet?

i don't think the game will even be released before the decade is up..
There's a small team working on a Unity version that loads the original assets (must have your original discs or buy a new copy). Unfortunately they are keeping the pool of testers very small and it seems like a small team. Maybe by 2020.:brb:

Where do you get copies of the earlier games at this day and age???

I have XWing floppies (complete with faded sticker on the floppies), as well as the case and two heavily scratched CDs of XvT and BoP but I doubt they still work. My XWA discs are still in my stack somewhere... Never did have tie fighter.
neither will ship with micro-transactions?

EA must have a fever.

'neither remaster will ship with micro-transactions'

Is not

'Red Alert will not have micro-transactions'

I would say cap this post and remind me in 5 years when they sneak them in for the DLCs, expansions or require some other fuckery.
C&C was one of the greatest new series and Westwood one of the most promising new developers and both of them unfortunately died of infanticide.

The stories and much of the game designs after the first 2 games are stupid BS and really hurt the games and the franchise. The people at EA should have known better. But, then, it is EA and they're not a game company, they're an exploit-people's-interests-in-games company.

After the remasters of C&C and Red Alert, and then hopefully Tiberian Sun (with added, less brown environments, please) and Red Alert 2, what I believe should be done with the series is reboot it to after the first C&C and Red Alert games - because those games treated their worlds and stories with integrity while after them the series went increasingly goofy and that was, and is, awful.