Buzzing/static whenever a game is being played

Jun 14, 2020
Hi, from few days i have a problem with my PC. Whenever I launch a game or demanding software, sound is getting distorted a lot. There is just this terrible buzzing and static and after few seconds the sound just gives up. In order to restore the sound, i need to restart PC

Here is the link to recorded audio:


The problem is both on headphones and speakers, and when I connect the speakers to my phone there is no issues at all even when playing games on the phone. I didn't change any parts recently or tampered with the PC case.

I reinstalled windows, checked both Realtek and Windows Audio, disabled all sound enhancements, changed playback formats to every single option from 16 bit 44.1 MHz to 24 bit 192 MHz Still the same.

if I record the pc using software installed on the computer, even after the audio is gone, if I send the recorded video to my phone the sound is being heard normally. It's like something is damaged in the output.

Can it be a motherboard fault? Perhaps sound card is damaged? I don't have any external sound card or motherboard to check.

My system is:

Windows 10 PRO
Trust Gaming 5.1 Speakers
X470 Gaming plus Mobo
16 GB 3000MHz DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Memory
5700XT GPU
Ryzen 5 2600x CPU
EVGA 750 Gold PSU

It's my first post on this forum, so I hope I gave enough information. Thanks for the help.
If the noise ramps up when your GPU is doing something demanding, it's likely the motherboard audio picking up noise from the GPU. Is your GPU overclocked?
Does your video card have a HDMI output? Try turning of the realtek audio in the bios and using HDMI audio to test. If that is fine you know it's the onboard audio.
There was just a vlog about the horrible quality of budget X470 motherboards. It seems true junk is being released.