Buying a computer from a private seller


Jul 9, 2005
Hello all,

I wanted to ask those of you who are fairly knowledgable about computers some questions about buying from a private seller. I'm looking for a PC (looked into but don't wanted to build myself) that runs well, is pretty fast, and will run games like Half-Life 2 and CS: Source at a reasonable level. I looking to spend in the $300 to $500 range. I found a PC for sale in my area via and it sounds pretty good. But, what do you all think? Tell me what you think and what questions I should ask the guy. Is this a good deal or is there something to watch out for?


2500+ AMD Sempron Processor
512 MB DDR Memory
80 Gig SATA Maxtor Hard drive SATA=150mb/second transfer rate!!!
GeForce 4 TI 4200 Video Card
CD-RW burns fast and with quality!
Audio onboard
6 USB 2.0 Ports (4 on back, 2 on front)
Ethernet Built in
Very Attractive Black and Silver case with front Audio and USB

Programs he will include:

Windows XP Home updated and ready to go
Office 2003 fully updated
Adobe PhotoShop 7.0
AVG Antivirus software updated
Microsoft AntiSpyware
Roxio Easy cd creator
Virtual Drive
Musicmatch Jukebox
Doom 3
Half Life 2
BattleField 1942
C&C Generals
NFS Underground
NFS Underground 2

He's selling this all for $300 (without a monitor). Seems pretty good to me. I'm thinking about asking him about is expandability, what CD's he'll include (of the programs, hopefully

Windows), and for a demonstration at his house. Your help is appreciated.
if he includes all that software i'd say its a pretty good deal
Elian said:
if he includes all that software i'd say its a pretty good deal
No, I'd say if he's including all that software it's definitely warez.
^^ agreed

doom 3 wouldnt exactl *run* on that anyway... graphics card is a tosser for the price...
Not bad, but if you look around in the deals section of your Sunday paper you should be able to find some other things.

Lethal said:
No, I'd say if he's including all that software it's definitely warez.


Photoshop is a $700 program alone.
oh yeh derr... didnt see photoshop...

one could always hope!
i would never buy a PC from a private reseller, no warranty, and you dont know what kind of warez (looks like hes puttings lots) are being put on the computer, id be willing to bet even windows isnt legit for 300 bucks.

edit: office too. office is like 500 bucks alone...
yeah off course warez
he has like over thousands of dollers worth of software there
If you going to purchase that you might as well make the machine even more illegal. Ask him to rip a couple hurndred dollars worth of mp3s and movies on it. Then make sure that ou share all that stuff, so the RIAA will love you.