Buildzoid breaks down Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi

thanks for the vid.
IMO anything that uses the word "Pro" in it best be that much better in design etc than all others that not use this in their designation, otherwise, just don't damn well use it, like claiming something is heavy duty when it is not.

I suppose for a "cool name" that the maker actually did something usefull (for the most part) with is MSI and their Gaming (esp MK2) and Pro Carbon lines. one seeks the best possible gaming performance from graphics, the other seeks to jam as much as possible in a lower priced product, which they nail handsomely (B450 pro carbon AC eat your heart out)

vs something like the Asus version of the same "pro level" where they focus on slapping as much RGB as can (that ofc not work 100% out of the box with no crap soft/hardware drivers required.

will be interesting to see which company offers the "best" of the x50 and x70 lines (feature, cost, pcb, audio and the like) as well as who throws 10 bajillion products to support the new chips yet fall flat on their face by over reaching and/or putting crap on there just to say it is there and "be different"