Build Your Own Rover


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
JPL has announced a new project that will allow anyone to build a smaller COTS copy of the Curiosity rover that landed on Mars. They based the plans on a smaller educational model of the Curiosity rover called the ROV-E that was used as an educational tool. They claim the rover will cost as little as $2,500 and can be totally assembled of COTS parts. For those of you that like to put things together this would probably be a nice little project. You can check out the JPL Open Source Rover page and grab the open source license from GitHub that includes the instructions and plans for your own rover.

While the OSR instructions are quite detailed, they still allow the builder the option of making their own design choices. For example, builders can decide what controllers to use, weigh the trade-offs of adding USB cameras or solar panels, and even attach science payloads.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 15, 2000
Looks like a great Winter project for me and the kids.

That's awesome of JPL and hopefully this will fertilize some brain cells in kids.