[ Build Log ] - Project IN WIN GRone


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Mar 19, 2007
[ Build Log ] - Project IN WIN GRone

After recently working on several high end pc's for friends and rambling through countless new build logs on here... I was inspired to start my own 2013 Ivy Bridge build. With a small budget in mind I am hoping to be able to recycle some parts from past builds (circa 2009)- if it's at all possible.

As far as what CPU , MOBO & GPU(S) I will be using , well I'm not really sure yet. I'm getting my watercooling parts cleaned , tested and painted first before I decide on the money I will spend on the real hardware stuff.
This should be interesting and unpredictable.. -so let the chaos begin !

First off I've already leak tested & painted some parts.

MCR220 Rad

Micro Res brackets

MCP655-B pump (Thanks to Witchdoctor for reminding me to check the O-ring )


Now I'm trying to figure out where the parts are going to go and the order of the loop. Havent really decided on if I'm going to run dual or a single loop. I have the parts though.. that decision I will be making as soon as I finish with some minor mods to my case.

A little cutting to be done on the IN WIN GRone for the 220 rad placemet.



Finished cutting and trimmed it :



Whats that trim I'm using to cover my shotty dremel work ? It's door edge trim for your automobile.... :} Yeah , I'm cheap !

As of now 2/1/13 I am waiting on some small parts to come in so I can finally decide on what CPU & GPU I'm going with.

Here's what's coming in this week :



I will be cutting a spot for the case temp gauge above the external SATA port...


There's not many modded GRone cases out there yet so why not sub for this thread ? :p - I know your curious.....:D

Stay tuned ! More low budget buiding coming soon ...
2/3/13 - I think I've found a good pump location which is directly above the 220 rad. But I had to move one of the 140mm intake fans...



Finally have my Recon fan controller mounted. Looks spiffy !


After some number crunching .. I've got my complete build list. W00t!
This rig will consist of :
3770k @ 4.5ghz (water)
GIGABYTE G1.Sniper 3
16 gb corsair vengeance
Corsair 120gb ssd (boot) WD VelociRaptor 500gb 10,000 rpm (storage)
Dual 7970's (1125/1575) (water)
Corsair 1050 psu

Resalvaged circa 2009 watercooling parts list:
Swiftech MCR-320 rad (top mounted)
Swiftech MCR220 (bottom mounted)
MCP655-B pump (mounted over 220 rad)
Swiftech MCRES Revision 2
I will be replacing all of the fittings with 3/4" OD 1/2" ID compression fittings. What brand fittings I'm not sure of yet. Tubing: Swiftech Tubing 3/4 in. (OD) x 1/2 in. (ID)
For the coolant I've choosen Mayhem - Supernova White....
XSPC RayStorm CPU Water Block
Redesigned XSPC Razor HD 7970 Waterblock's

Almost forgot to mention the fans I've ordered for my rads. 5) Corsair SP120

Moved some fans around a bit ...
140 mm fan under the top shroud of the case. Looks like it will work with no clearance issues mounted in the middle. Better than nothing I guess.

I also mounted a 140mm to the back panel (behind the motherboard tray).

-Off to paint my Blue Ray/DVD RW bezel... Stay tuned !
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Not sure if this is a good idea but I'm hoping for a little more top exhaust by doing this. Oh well .. Here goes nothing !

Subbing to see more! I like what you did with the white radiator and pump.

I have a white and black NZXT Switch 810 and I like the way that this looks. I may do the same thing. The paint wont mess with the temps right since you didnt paint the fins themselves?
The paint has no affect on the temps . You can paint the entire 655 pump if you want. I choose to leave the ring black because it is used to hold the parts together. I have some more updated pictures i can post later. I will also show you the paint i used ...no prep work is needed. One coat covers neatly as long as the parts are cleaned.
I know this build log is 6 yrs old however I totally forgot about finishing it until now. (Saw that someone recently liked the post) Here are the final pics that I forgot to post so long ago.... and what overclock I was able to achieve out of the CPU. Hope you old school modders can appreciate this build. It was definitely a fun one to do !