Build Advice 4 Gaming - Thanks !


Jun 18, 2016
Howdy folks! It's been many years since I did a PC overhaul (still using an I7-4770K), so I am seeking advice from you to make sure I don't make any bad choices. I am looking to purchase a motherboard, memory (16 GB Minimum), NVMe SSD (at least 1TB), and CPU/Cooler (Intel preferred). I currently have a Lian Li medium tower case, GTX 1070 graphics card, and Seasonic 750W PSU that I intend to reuse. I also have a normal SSD that I intend to use in addition to the NVMe. I primarily use the computer for gaming (World of Warcraft - FOR THE ALLIANCE!, Diablo, Mechwarrior, etc.). I am looking to spend around 1000 dollars total. That should leave me with enough money to purchase one of the newer Nvidia graphics cards when they become available.

Also wanted to add that I have no intention of ovberclocking.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you could provide.
A B550 series mobo, 5600x (The stock wraith cooler is perfectly fine), and some corsair low profile 3200Mhz.

Samsung currently has a 2TB M.2 970 EVO plus on sale on amazon. The price is great, grab it while you can!

Under budget and gets the job done nicely
Thanks for the recommendation captain! I would prefer to go with Intel due to past experiences with AMD. Is there a reason you recommend AMD? Is there a similar configuration you could recommend for an Intel set-up?
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