British Telecom Secures Patent for a Cybersecurity Method to Protect Blockchain


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Great Britain’s biggest Internet and telecoms provider British Telecommunications PLC (BT) has secured a patent for its proposed cybersecurity system for Blockchain protection in late October. Based on the patent, one use case involving the patent is the so-called “majority control attacks” or “51 percent attacks,” in which a hostile force with over 50 percent of the total computing power tries to control a Blockchain network. However, like a lot of patents this one doesn't really say how the system deals with attacks. Maybe it's a good patent or maybe it's just typical patent troll behavior.

Under the patent, the system creates user-specific profiles that can be identified by the Blockchain’s underlying code. If the users making transactions do not match the profiles of the pre-described accounts, the Blockchain code will automatically reject the transactions being carried out.