blu-ray burner, Windows 8 compatible.


Feb 28, 2001
I'm looking for a blu-ray burner for my Z77 Extreme4 system, See sig.

I need to work on my sata 3 port, and be Windows 8 compatible / Certified.

Primary use is to take the kids Disney blu-ray's ( every one.... ) and put them in itunes. As the wife never buy's the digital copy....

I have a Pioneer BDR-206. I made the mistake of buying the kit with PowerDVD. The software is a frustrating POS to put it lightly. I was also unable to use this drive with the Windows 8 system back up. System back up will keep trying to burn disk 1 and will never continue to the second disk. This works correctly on Windows 7.
I have the LG BH10LS38. Working fine in Windows 8.

Only thing that concerns me is the rip speed. It is rated @ 10x for blu ray read but I never get above 4x in MakeMKV. Might be a software issue I don't know.