Blockchain Storefront RobotCache Signs on 700 Games from 22 Publishers


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Mar 3, 2018
According to a report by VentureBeat, RobotCache's ambitious blockchain-based gaming storefront is making significant progress. Despite being in early access, the company claims to have signed on 700 games from 22 publishers. Interestingly, publishers are supposed to get a 95% sales cut from the platform, as opposed to 70% from Steam or 88% on the Epic Games Store. The store will also allow users to resell games, but they'll only get 25% of the game's price back in return. THQ Nordic, Paradox Interactive, and inXile are among the publishers that have already joined the platform, but the CEO says "We are talking to everybody in the industry now."

"We welcome other stores coming to market because for too long, it has been a monopoly," Jacobson said. And, as mentioned, the Iron currency can still be used as a reward for mining and to purchase games. But it's more like an airline mileage plan now, rather than a cryptocurrency. "We are solving the hardest blockchain problems," Jacobson said. "We hope to be one of the largest mining pools in the world with a big user base."
See 5% is more what i thought they all charged. They aren't moving inventory around its literally just severs in a data center somewhere and every time someone dl a game it probably cost them a few cents
I don’t know if I trust these new startups. Who wants to buy a bunch of games only to have the storefront go defunct in a year or two? What protections do we have against that scenario? My guess is none. I’ve used Steam since it was in beta so my trust is pretty high with Valve. I don’t see Valve going under anytime soon. If anything maybe bought by someone bigger, but still...
I wish there were a way to short-sell on this company.

Entry into a crowded and competitive marketplace: check
Business plan that involves the word "blockchain": check
No functional product over a year after founding: check

...seems legit.
It's blockchain based, which means either it will go nowhere, or everyone's money will be stolen. Or both.
It'll flourish.

All the flavors of the rainbow, why you gotta pick salty, bro?