BioStar Racing X370GT7 AMD AM4 Motherboard Review


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May 18, 1997
BioStar Racing X370GT7 AMD AM4 Motherboard Review - BIOSTAR isn’t exactly a juggernaut of a manufacturer here in the U.S. Despite stiff competition, the big boys are blowing it bad enough at the X370 Ryzen motherboard game that BIOSTAR’s X370GT7 just might be one of the best AM4 motherboard options around. While we think it might actually be good, it still doesn’t make for a smooth ride.
Great review, but no fail? Hmmm. I was honestly expecting it, especially after reading the last page and all the troubles you had.
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I happen to own 1 of the first batch of Biostar X370GT Motherboards. I actually like it very much. The whole AMD launch was FUBAR. While we needed AMD it could have been a bit more polished out of the box. Also why no AGESA 1.06, its out for the Biostar X370. Way more control. When I purchased another board for my 1600, the ASUS Prime, I had to choose which motherboard I kept. I chose the Biostar board. Its built very well IMHO, and as the article said, its stable when you get it setup correctly.
I remember back in the day when WE had to really fiddle with settings to get our stuff to work and that's what I like however, I am not a pansy that needs auto overclocking. :)
Looking forward to more am4 mobo reviews. I've already picked up a msi x370 gaming pro carbon, but I'd prefer you to figure out its quirks before I try to go past 3.8ghz and 2933mhz.
Great review, but no fail? Hmmm. I was honestly expecting it, especially after reading the last page and all the troubles you had.
We do not use the "Fail" for anything but PSU reviews in general. That is used there because the PSU that literally fail to meet ATX specifications get the X. :)
Great review, but no fail? Hmmm. I was honestly expecting it, especially after reading the last page and all the troubles you had.

I only used it the one time when the ASUS Crosshair VI Hero died during testing while I was overclocking it. Ordinarily I wouldn't have used it then, but this was our third board. Seemed fitting at the time, but I wouldn't expect to see that. Boards that fail on us usually get replaced, and we'll mention the failure in the article. This is the first time we had such difficulties. I wouldn't expect to see that again.
I enjoyed reading this review, gives a great sense of strengths, weaknesses and what a user may be faced with. The AGESA uefi gets rid of the PState method and does have cpu multiplier in the uefi which acts exactly like PState 0 FID or Processor multiplier. Plus the uefi has the memory sub timings exposed which may help with memory compatibility. Only having positive voltage offsets for voltage control in the bios seems weak, at least for me. I too had issues with Ryzen master and my AM4 BioStar board (mITX board and not same as reviewed here) , it will sometimes work and other times not work, wonder what Kyle did to get it more reliable?

As for stability it was night and day compared to the CH6, it basically just works. Currently CH6 is working well and is stable for me - was not that way in the beginning.

Keep up the great work on these reviews!
Nice review and great to see some AM4 boards getting... put to the board. And I would expect some of the issues to carry over to Biostar's other AM4 boards, including the m-ITX x370 I know a lot of folks here are considering (largely since it's the ONLY m-ITX AM4 board) so good to have a real review.

Your bitter experience with the platform rings true with me as I've spent the good part of a full day this week trying to get a Ryzen system up and running (due to both RAM compatibility and issues across two mobos). The CPUs may have been ready for prime time, but the hardware ecosystem certainly wasn't/isn't. I'm ok with the limited feature set on the current crop of AM4 boards if everything would work smoothly, but it doesn't.
I'm hoping all the niggles you keep finding will be worked out by the time I come to upgrade next year.

BTW I spotted one grammar error in the last page:

I could not get a number of wireless mouse to work during install,

That should be mice, not mouse.