Biostar A960D+V3 6-X have any fix for core performance boost not working with FX-6300 ?


Mar 12, 2023
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That mainboard Biostar A960D+V3 6-X start using AMD FX-6300.
OS and softwares work correctly.
However the AMD FX core performance boost feature ( single core to 4,1 GHz and all cores to 3,8 GHz ) not work.
The mainboard BIOS is AMI version 8.00.15 and mainboard BIOS version is 2.61 2019-01-10.
In BIOS CPU settings have correct details about AMD FX-6300 , but the core performance boost is in gray color not being possible enable it.
I have tried contact in Biostar support and the reply is that problem was flaw from Biostar not adding the data about FX-6300 in the BIOS.

Have any Bios moding for that mainboard A960D+V3 6-X fixing that bug ?
Have any other solution to fix it ?
I use Linux Ubuntu 20.04.5.

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