Big Mark is Watching but What is he Watching?


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
Popular Science has an interesting article published that discusses how Facebook is surely watching you and how to go about finding out what exactly you are easily exposing. It runs down a fairly big set of instructions of what you can do to check into that exposure. It outlines what to look for in Facebook as well as third party apps and services.

These days, Facebook takes more care to explain what type of user data it collects, but you still can't reclaim all of your information—that's something you sacrifice when you agree to sign up for the service. What you can do is be more aware of the types of information you reveal as you fill out your profile, react to your News Feed, and browse the web.
Anyone who is interested about privacy should not use Facebook or any other 'social media'. Period.

And even if you do, do it under false credentials. Even that exposes you to profiling and tracking though.