Bethesda owns the word "Scrolls"? That's what they're telling notch, anyway

Whenever people refer to Skyrim, they call it Skyrim, not Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I know it's part of the name, and I hope they can settle it. I'm sure they will.
In later news...McDonald's sues Old MacDonalds Farm today for sounding the same...
Since people in this thread might not be aware of the full circumstances, it isn't as simple as Bethesda having problems simply with a game being called "Scrolls" -

While Minecraft creator Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson remains an avowed fan of Bethesda games, the legal argy-bargy between the Elder Documents publisher and Notch’s company Mojang over its forthcoming second game ‘Scrolls’ doesn’t look like dying down any time soon. In fact, the big B has stepped up its efforts, announcing its intention to sue Mojang in a Swedish court, as well as a demand for money. In a blog post explaining a little of his side of things, Notch reveals that this all happened shortly after Mojang tried to trademark ‘Scrolls’, which rang alarm bells for the rights-holders of The Elder Rolled-Up Papers.
scrolls refers to a type of object.

How the hell can anyone own the rights to a common word? Its not a unique name. This makes no sense.

They can't. This would not hold up in court. You can't copyright a common word like that and even if you tried it likely wouldn't hold up court.

They can't, it won't work in court.

How stupid, how can one company own a word? Anyway I wonder how will this stupid lawsuit would turn out.

Have you all lost your minds/memories? I can easily think of a common word that can get you sued to hell and back: