Best wireless earbuds? (Not apple and not Raycon)


Jul 24, 2021
Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade my wireless earbuds something that I can wear at work or doing sports activities. What do you guys recommend as the best ones with the new USB c charging port? Also needs to have a mic to take phone calls. Looking for the best combination of battery audio quality and comfort / size being small along with having a mic built in. Thank you in advance. Let me know what you have how you like it or what you would rather have except not interested in apple or raycon.
Have a look at the jabra in-ears.

Do you need a usb dongle at work?

Should the thing shut its mike if you remove it from your ears?

The proper ones always have two versions:
The teams version vs the unified one.

Which is beeing used at your company?
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Question, do you have any experience with this earfun set? Damn in the article it says 50 then when u go to the page it's jumped up to 80.

I just got the new Sony WF-1000XM5, and they're glorious. I highly recommend them if sound quality is your number one priority. They are a noticeable upgrade from the previous gen XM4 in my opinion.
theyre #1 on the list i linked but with no budget given i wasnt sure how $300 would go over...
If you don't want to spend $300 on a pair of earbuds, I use the 1MORE ComfoBuds for $100. The ANC leaves a little to be desired, but the mics and sound are pretty good for the budget, and they fit really comfortably in my ear canals.