Best wireless ap/router for Gigabit internet

Nov 9, 2017
I’m looking to upgrade our internet speeds and wondering what wireless router or AP would be best for streaming? I want to be able to stream 5-6 TV’s at the same time…

I also want to be able to have multiple SSID’s and be able to prioritize anything connected to specific SSID’s.

The best thing you can do for streaming for TVs is wired in some form--real ethernet, moca, or powerline--in that order of preference. Most TVs still only have a 100Mbs port so any of these solutions, even older/slower versions, are more than sufficient. The must faster ping time leads to a much snappier experience. Plus, wiring frees up the airwaves for other devices.

If you want multiple SSIDs for priority, I would simply use an older, slower router as an AP and set up that SSID for the lower priority devices. If you need more slow APs, I'd ask for them here as many people have these lying around and would be willing to send them for basically the cost of shipping. (y)