Best monitor for fast-paced FPS games?


Nov 8, 2011
Hi guyz. :)

I'm looking for the absolute best monitor for fast paced FPS games (Quake). I'm open for all screen sizes and types, I just want the best Quake performance possible. Maybe one of the newer 240Hz models?

Any advice plz? :)
What resolution? if It's 1080p then the PG258Q is the fastest gaming monitor there is. It's a true 240hz 1080p monitor.
I'd go with the BenQ Zowie XL2540 240Hz and activate BenQ Blur reduction from the service menu and play with custom resolutions and see how far it goes without crosstalk. Theoretically BenQ Blur reduction at say 180~190Hz or so would be the best you can get as far as reduction to motion blur goes. That's what the experts @ blurbusters forum predict a 240Hz capable TN panel is capable of handling crosstalk free with strobing/Blur reduction enabled anyway.

I have said monitor myself and bought it mostly for this reason, but since my computer would need a GPU upgrade (GTX 970) I currently use it at 144Hz with BenQ Blur Reduction enabled. Already at 144Hz and BenQ Blur Reduction the motion smoothness exceeds that of 240Hz and without Blur Reduction. You can use Blur Reduction all the way up to 240Hz yes but due to crosstalk occuring at such high refresh rates as strobing cannot keep up that high, it results in less smooth motion so I reckon 160~200Hz or thereabouts would be the sweetspot but been too lazy to find out right now (might have to play around with "Area" and "intensity" settings to get the ideal result from the factory defaults menu). Check here for some settings others have tested:

The ASUS 240Hz is too expensive for it to be worth it IMO, the GSYNC won't benefit you if you can maintain constant FPS and thus ULMB would be better to use but it can be used maximum at 144Hz meanwhile BenQ's Blur Reduction can be activated all the way to 240Hz (although like said earlier due to crosstalk the ideal may be more like 180Hz or so).
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