Best M-ATX board?


Limp Gawd
Dec 13, 2003
I know AMD's are very attractive due to their low price and performance... but I've always been an Intel guy and I will continue on the whole Intel route unless something very drastic happens.

I've been looking at the Aria case and I've been considering building a lil' M-ATX system. Also my GF's been buggen me to make one for her... so I figure I'll enjoy a new experience building a system. I just need to find a decent board and it's hard to find reviews on a lot of them.

It needs to have:
-AGP Slot
-Locked AGP/PCI bus
-Pref. 865 chipset
-Support for HT
-Support for Dual Channel
-Decent OC'ing options [fsb/voltage]

Again this sytem will more than likely be mildly overclocked, but I'm definitely not going the extreme route by any means. Thanks in advance.