Best ecommerce solution for reseller (thousands of products from many brands)


Jun 21, 2008
use case: i need an ecommerce solution that can handle thousands of products from multiple brands. many products have various options that change price and picture. i would like paypal integration as the primary merchant without paying a penalty (so, i don't think i want shopify). the solution needs to be easy to use and a monkey should be able to add product with ease (importing via CSV is only feasible for some of the product). categorizing, organizing, and displaying content should be easy.

little background: my primary platform of choice is drupal. i set out using drupal + commerce to tackle this. what i ended up with was a great looking, powerful, and very functional website. HOWEVER, it required 100s of hours and i wasn't even close to adding all the product. adding product is a royal pain in the ass. no combination of modules can tackle that appropriately. furthermore, it was very difficult to teach and distribute the product to be loaded by many non developers.

so i am looking at solutions like woocommerce, ecwid, magento (although this seems to be similar to drupal and require a tremendous amount of time). any feedback and suggestions are appreciated. assume i am willing to spend up to $100 a month for a solution/platform.