Best DIY friendly building and hosting site


Jan 16, 2021
Need to do a web site for my business. I am paying someone to do it for me but I want to be able to do small changes and upload pictures and documents myself. What is the most user friendly building and hosting web site along the lines of Squarespace? I only need the site so my business looks more professional and to display pictures of my work.
If you don't want to go use square space search "squarespace alternatives".

You'll see a repeated list if names like weebly, wix, shopify, etc.
I don't have a problem with squarespace, just curious what is the most user friendly one with the least amount of maintenance.
Most of those sites are set-and-forget. As for user friendly that's typically in the eye of the beholder so I would recommend checking them out and see what best fits your skill set and time.
The guy doing the site is trying to get me to host it with him and telling me that unless someone is maintaining my site I will get hacked right away. Are the DIY sites taking care of that as well?
This "someone" can't give you access to editing your own website? Changing, adding pictures isn't that difficult, not much coding should be learnt. Even if it is an HTML page. If CMS is used, it is even easier. And again, why exactly do you search for alternatives while still paying someone for getting things done? Anyways, DIY websites never look good IMO even if you have a really good sense of design because modern design relies on tons of research and only an experienced designer knows where to put a button so it will be clicked 20% more often than if it is located in a different place. I'd say that if you want your website to look more professional then it definitely is better to let professionals design it. I'm not a great designer myself and to make my website and content marketing campaigns attractive for new customers I outsource design to Awesomic. And according to my experience, it's a far better option than trying to figure things out yourself. Also, when you already have your website designed, it's much easier to hire someone who will get the coding done and launch the website
I am paying him to to design and deploy the site; I want it to look good. But after that I want to be able to upload pictures and documents myself without having to call him every time. From what I understand squarespace and the other similar hosting sites will be the way to go. I only need a basic site do look more professional and to display my work.
I am paying him to to design and deploy the site
Things may have changed since I last played with these services but to the best of my knowledge your site needs to be built using their tools. Your designer can't just make the site on their end and then upload it to these for you too easily maintain. Unless your designer is willing to develop the site on one of these platforms it's a moot issue. Typically if you are using one of these services, you are building it yourself and not paying a programmer.

Having them build you a WordPress site may be a better solution if you want a professionally built site that is easy to maintain.
This is the issue currently. He is using WordPress and the DIY web sites use their own platform. I think I remember seeing one that allows to import a WordPress file but I can't find it again.