Best 34+ ultrawide to get between now and February (1440p)


Mar 10, 2006
Hi all,

I'm in the process of building a new gaming pc and I'm looking a for a good monitor to go with it, which I need to order by February.
The main use is going to be gaming, but also non-professional Blender projects and some work related stuff that don't require any special monitor.

What monitors you think I should check out , that are available now, or will be available during the next 2 months?

I've looked at the LG 38GN950 and Alienware AW3821DW, which as I understand is using the same panel as the LG's, but with slight improvements.
I've also looked at some of the bigger Samsung's monitors but I'm not a big fan of the huge curve and I still prefer IPS to VA.

What monitors would you recommend? It'll probably go with an Nvidia card, so G-Sync is definitely a preference.
About a month ago I bought the LG 34GP83A-B Nano IPS Ultragear curved gaming monitor and I highly recommend it.
IMHO Best bang for the buck right now. Many say it's exactly the same as the LG 34GN850 which is in most of the top 10 list.
The only difference is the 850 lacks the odd LG logo on the back which looks similar to the Asus logo and could have caused LG some trouble with Asus.
Some speculate they stopped production for mass market, changed the back panel minus the logo and gave it a new model number.
My 34GP83A-B has exactly the same specs and came near perfect color calibrated.
I use X-Rite x1 and DataColor Spyder5 to calibrate my monitors and TVs and neither made hardly any changes to the out of the box color settings.
After reading the Rtings review of the 850 I'm convinced they are twins but the LG 34GP83A-B is considerably cheaper.
Get one while they last at Amazon $799