Best 24" 4K monitor for text?


Supreme [H]ardness
May 20, 2011
I really love the text on my Samsung 28" 4K monitor but it's landscape-only. And 28". The monitor on which I'm typing this is a Dell 1200p monitor in portrait mode. And it's good, but the text on the 4K monitor looks better. So, can you recommend me a 4K monitor for portrait-mode text use?

The specific uses will be Microsoft Word, Acrobat Reader, and web browsing. So good quality playback of embedded videos are a must. I use Chrome at the moment as a browser. It will not be used for gaming.

24" seems a good size for portrait use: it's about 150% of an A4 sheet once you allow for window and header bars etc. A 28" monitor is 200% one way and 150% the other.
Any 24 inch 4k that uses an LG IPS panel should be pretty good for text since it'll have a lighter matte coating than the 4k monitors that use a Samsung PLS panel. How about a Dell P2415Q?
I would assume it to be in line with any average IPS panel. It's really the 1440p 144Hz IPS panels that suffer from excessive IPS glow. An alternative would be the Asus MG24UQ, also a 24 inch 4k IPS panel and it actually has Freesync incase you ever do decide to game on it in the future. I'm not 100% sure if it shares the same panel as the Dell, but I actually own one of these and the IPS glow on it is far, far less than what was on my Acer XB270HU.
I ended up purchasing the Dell P2415Q and received it an hour ago. I'm typing on it right now. I have yet to calibrate it but I turned brightness and contrast down from 75% each to 50% each. Scaling is set to 200% and text simply looks nicer. It's a fairly subtle effect too.