Basic, easy to use, drag 'n drop, wysiwyg, web editor?

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Nov 18, 2003
Doesn't have to be free, but would prefer anything user friendly, intuitive, easy to pick up and go.

Im an IT tech and can learn as I go. I have exposure to Frontpage, DNN and Contribute..

I have searched and found some programs but would like feedback from those with working knowledge.

Thank you.
No such thing that works.
You need to target a specific browser if you want consistency and a simple UI to do your work for you.
Web is HARD work.
Frontpage was easy, DNN has a ton of depth but once you get the basics, very workable. I find this hard to believe. I mean, you didnt even recommend a 1n1 type solution that makes is very simple.

Browser priority would be IE and Chrome only. I know that can be a feat, but this is for a small business and this page would only serve as representation for the company, afew pages and 1 order form/contact page. Very simple, something must exist.
Frontpage didn't work in anything but IE (and often didn't even work right in that). It was awful. Especially if you want an "order form" - that's not just HTML, that's web programming there. Web design isn't just drag and drop - sounds like you guys need to drop the cash and simply hire someone who knows what they're doing.
It really depends what you're aiming for.
You can always use on Visual Web Developer Express using MS controls.
It's absolute crap ( - but it's drag and drop and you can set up anything.
I really don't recommend editors that pretend they know how to style pages for you - it just doesn't work.
If you have to support IE (the holy grail of browser incompatibility) then you're in for a tougher ride.
Chrome and Firefox (3.6+) usually behave the same as Safari as far as DOM is concerned if you've used conventional styling. IE acts VERY differently across revisions. IE7 and down are a major pain, IE8 has it's own quirks and IE9 is the very first browser to actually start and behave like a civilized member of web society.
My short (long) answer is, it's not as easy as it seems. And it all depends on what you plan to achieve, there are countless sites that are built around the 'make it work' model, but they usually offer a less enjoyable, browser centric experience.
As I said, I'm very fond of Microsoft's FREE Visual Web Developer Express, even just for style testing and debugging JS.
If you want better answers from people here (myself included), I suggest you map out what kind of site you're planning.
You guys arent understanding the scope of this project and are looking at this site as if we're going to get 2 million unique hits a day and trade on the Dow.

This is a small niche business that needs a basic clean website with just 4-5 pages, I appreciate the critical thinking and suggestions but the scope is something you guys are taking way out of proportion. I know a solution exists out there, and I was hoping someone would offer me a shortcut in my search, but I'll continue on my own, prove it to myself and make it work.


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I think the point you're missing is that there is really no such thing as a 'simple" website anymore.

Long gone are the days when you could just grab a copy of FrontPage and churn something out in an afternoon using the WYSIWYG tools. Today's web is all about web-standards, cross-browser compatibility, mobile platforms, security, SEO and a host of underlying technology to bring it all together.

I would recommend looking into using one of the turn-key solutions offered by a popular hosting provider instead of trying to do it yourself. I know 1and1 offers a Wordpress site that you can click and configure fairly quickly and painlessly.
I dont know if this is what your looking for, but may look at Drupal?
I would try something like Microsoft Web Essentials (Expressions Web)

Sure its IE based, but its cheap, and effective.

Works pretty well too, I use it for minute changes on pages.

And since you already have some experiance with FrontPage, the User Interface wont be off to you and you will have less to associate yourself with.
I use MS Paint to create a page just how I want it, then use <map> HTML to have different pieces of the picture be links. It is easy and looks exactly how I want! I have coded my company intranet like this.
Try Microsoft's WebMatrix if that is still around. I had good luck with it back in the day.

EDIT: Or check out Squarespace. They have an online WYSIWYG editor.
Yeah noticed the date after i posted and was like wth. It was on the front page of this subforum too.
I would buy one of many ready2use bootstrap templates; fill in content and upload ... you get it responsive out of the box.
LOL on the OP date, but maybe if OP can time travel they could use Wix, rip the source, and then implement it in their project in 2011, then again, HTML5 didn't exist back then, so that might be a problem.