Barrowch Threadripper Water Block Breakdown @ [H]


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May 18, 1997
Barrowch Threadripper Water Block Breakdown

Barrow is not a terribly well known name in North America when it comes to water cooling products, but it does produce what is surely top-shelf looking components. Its "Barrowch" line of coolers is supposed to be its best in terms of design and engineering. We breakdown its Whale Shark built for Threadripper and socket TR4.
I'm just curious as to why you have a dead Threadripper. What did you do??

I was wondering the same thing..... Ouch!
Glad to know that at someone listens to what I say in those videos! :)

AMD sent us a dead CPU mounted in display as gift with the reviewers kits that has our name on the heatspreader. I talked to them about it and it is in fact a real CPU, albeit a non-functioning one. I need to delid it and get the goods here one day instead of using that paper template.
I was wondering about the dead Threadripper as well. Good to hear it wasnt a real-world sacrifice, though it would be cool to perhaps see a Threadripper necklace.